How Smartfix is becoming the Uber for smartphone repairs

Ever drop your smartphone, watch the screen shatter into a million tiny pieces, and wish it could magically be fixed right then and there? Don’t worry – there’s a company for that.

Smartfix, a startup based in Accra, matches customers dealing with a busted smartphone screen with a technician who comes to their house or office to perform a quick fix. 
Powered by a nationwide network of hundreds of certified, background checked technicians, Smartfix provides customers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind knowing that trust worthy experts are always there to get you back up and running with your most crucial devices. Home, office or coffee shop, you name it and they will be there with smiles on their faces to repair your iPhone in 30mins or less. 

The concept is similar to services like Uber, which facilitates rides between private drivers and customers in need of a lift. With Smartfix, users enter information about their smartphone repair needs and location into the website, and an “iTech” shows up at their doorstep for same-day service.

“I meet people in coffee shops, at their homes, offices, parties – anywhere, Philip Says. “I’ve even fixed smartphones in bars at 10:00 p.m., after someone has drunkenly dropped a device on the floor.

While a local repair shop may be the cheaper option, it is this kind of flexibility that attracts smartfix customers. 

Smartfix is not likely to be the least expensive repair option for your broken iPhone, though…at least, it’s very competitive,. “By paying a little extra, you’re getting the convenience of fast, on-site repair – something you can take care of on your lunch hour.” 

Kafui says she prefers Smartfix over the Apple Store, where “people are surly” and “you have to wait forever,” or “a random electronics repair place” where “you have no guarantee” of the results. 

“With Smartfix, on the other hand, you know exactly what you’re getting,” she writes. “You know the cost right out of the gate, and you know that an actual qualified human being is coming to fix your phone. That human touch is one of the best parts. 

The founder Philip, says Smartfix is now looking to expand into a full-service smartphone sales service, starting by automating the entire smartphone trade-in process, from contract renewal to data transfer. The company is partnering with large distributors of smartphone plans and anticipates that the service will launch early by end of this year

“There’s going to be a day where you press a button and an iTech shows up, delivers you a new phone, trades in your old one, and attaches a damage plan. 

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